Decembers overseas

     Spending Christmas in a different city each year can get pretty pricey, but who am I to deny my kids a Christmas tree and decor?  Instead of the Hallmark ornaments that I love, we headed to the cheapest stores to find a good deal (don't judge me).  This year CJ wanted all blue ornaments to represent Sonic, but Charlotte and I convinced him to get a couple sparkly white ornaments that look like snowflakes.
     It is damn near impossible to walk by stores with all the beautiful snow globes and fancy decorations.  But, when May comes around and we have to pack everything the seasonal items are usually the first to hit the trash.  Trust me, you do not want to lug eleven huge suitcases through the airport.  I am so glad I found a craft shop near our house- so we will be making most of our Christmas stuff and that way we can really splurge on the gifts.  So far we've spent about 35 euros- which is far less than a real tree in DC (we usually spend about 100 USD on a Fraser Fir).  I'd like to think I am doing pretty well and I want to get a few more things to decorate our entertainment center.  

     I don't think the kids mind having the generic Christmas decorations.  They have only spent one or two Christmas holidays in the states- so he doesn't have much to compare.  I am so excited to spend Christmas in Reggio Emilia there are so many activities for the kids and even a huge ice skating rink!

     The fun in the city really kicks off this weekend!  I will be sure to share.  I think I am more excited to go on a Santa train ride, explore Santa's house, and hang out with reindeer than my kids, but we will see!  I can't lie, I will always miss December in D.C.- I heard it even snowed already.  Reggio in December is already panning out to be full of surprises. 


  1. We miss you here too! Christmas in Italy ain’t bad! ❤️

    1. Go ahead and come across them waters, lady! I love it here, but re-buying trees and ornaments are a pain in the bottom!!!


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