Dear Motherhood,

     Showered in diapers with my hands filled with poop, I have gone days without sleeping with rose cheeked children clinging to me for hours on end.  Fishing out boogers and calming down temper tantrums while in foreign grocery stores.  My body has morphed in all sorts of ways, from tiny to huge and back again. 

     This is more than a job or career, yet there are no monetary rewards.  Day in and day out you test me, motherhood.  You push me to my limits and take me to territories I've never been.  Teething, homeschooling, constipation, the list goes on.  And yet, I wouldn't trade you for the world.

     Dear Motherhood, you have given me strength beyond measure.  Confidence I never thought I had and a brand new meaning of the word sexy.  I wear my twice opened scar proudly and my stretch marks that cover more and more of my behind each day.  You have given me power and purpose, that of which I never thought existed.  Oh motherhood, you have truly shown me the reality of life and instilled a will in me I have never had before.  You redefined me as a person, woman, and most of all- a mother.


     I guess what I am trying to say is, Motherhood, I thank you!   


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