Stresses of a Basketball Wife

     Getting injured is just a part of sports.  Every athlete has experienced some sort of injury whether it be minor or serious.  I have been injured plenty of times during my time as an athlete, but watching my husband get injured and have to sit out drives me absolutely mad. 
     A couple of weeks ago, Chris was fighting through a screen and the center (biggest & tallest guy on the court) flung his arm in the air and his elbow landed and broke one of Chris's ribs.  Talk about a freak accident, I don't know many basketball players that get this type of injury.  I was sitting in the stands holding my one year old when it happened and I instantly felt sick to my core.  There was nothing I could do as he struggled to take a breath.  It was heart breaking and I wanted to cry, but I noticed a few people watching me so I clenched my jaw and prayed.  Watching someone you absolutely adore get hurt doing what they love is something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  

     The first few days were spent transporting Chris to and from the hospital to get treatment and x-rays.  I was livid.  How could the game (basketball) that both of us have dedicated our lives to treat us so badly.  Chris just got back on the court and now he had to sit out again?  But, sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles. 
     Fast forward to today, I have calmed down and resumed to my goofy, happy-go-lucky self, but I am literally counting down the days that I get to see him back on the court.  Seriously, nothing makes me happier than to see my guy driving to the basket and scoring a tough acrobatic shot.  Just to give some insight on how psychotic I am when it comes to basketball, I am seriously contemplating on throwing away my red chucks I wore to the game that day.  I am extremely superstitious.  Actually, it has gotten worse since I stopped playing and became a basketball wife.  Since I can't control anything on the court I try to control everything else. Pregame meals, what the kids and I wear to the games, etc.  But, that is another post for another day.  
     For now all I can do is make sure he's taking his pain meds if needed, pick up everything heavy (including our daughter), and try to make the healthiest meals possible.  Anything to help his recovery process- I am on it!  If you know me and you know my husband than you already know the comeback is going to be real.  Stay tuned!


  1. I love you both and am so proud of the team you guys have built!! Your perspective of how to maneuver through this life you both share is fresh and uplifting. Your ability to be selfless is a trait only a real Queen exhibits. CURLY ROOTS...YOU ROCK!!! May God continue to guide your steps!!!

    1. THANK YOU! Your message almost made me cry :). We will keep on trucking the WRIGHT way...shoot that's the only way we know how. But you know we couldn't do any of this without the support system we have in the states <3


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