Our newest temporary home...back to Italy we go

     I know, I know, I've been missing, but solely because we went on a road trip to Georgia and during our trip Chris signed a contract for this season.  So, we headed home from Georgia two days early to pack and get ready for season seven! 
     Chris inked with another team in Italy!  I was elated when I found out.  Since Chris primarily plays overseas (the NBA is similar too, but usually longer contracts) we don't know where we could end up the next season-it is a blessing that we keep coming back to Italy.  It is our 4th season here and I am in love with this country (and I am going to learn Italian one of these seasons). 
     The culture isn't hard to assimilate to, they love children, the food is amazing, and best of all I love the Serie A Italian basketball league.  This year we are with Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia.  I can't wait to explore this city.  Our apartment is a ten minute walk to the centre (downtown) and we live across the street from the grocery store (you know I'm happy about that). 
     We are pretty jet lagged and still trying to get situated, but there is a big game coming up tomorrow and I cannot wait.  Basketball has always been near and dear to my family's heart.  Signing late and not knowing where we were going to end up all summer was a bummer, but we are so blessed and thankful that Grissin Bon believes in Chris and wants him on the court in a red and white jersey.
     I've still got about five suitcases to unpack, enroll CJ in a new school, grocery shopping, and find my bearings.  But, it's all good as long as Chris is bouncing a ball. 

You can find this article on Legabasket and keep up with games/stats.


  1. This is gonna be such a fun adventure!!! Congrats and I can't wait to follow along!!


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