More Tortelli Verdi PLEASE!

     Finally a week after getting over the stomach flu (I contracted AS SOON AS I landed in Italy...again) I was able to eat!  So do you know what I did?  I got myself some pasta :).  We went to a quaint restaurant, Il Pozzo, which translates to 'The Well.'  Of course, it was a wine cellar that was transformed into a restaurant.

     Each doorway was an archway and every table in the place was decorated with deep wine glasses.  Luckily, our server spoke spectacular English and was able to explain their specials to us.  I opted for the Tortelli Verde which is a traditional food in Reggio Emilia rooted from the Middle Ages.  Farmers' wives commonly put this on their table during lunch to fill their husbands' bellies.  Now, it is commonly eaten on Christmas eve.
     Even though Christmas eve is a little while away I decided to get this dish.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!  The pasta was light, yet filling and I love anything with spinach and butter, so it was a win-win situation.


     CJ opted for the pasta with tomato-basil sauce.  It was scrumptious-obvously.  You would think that the recipes are so complicated, but they really aren't.  It is just really good fresh food and I love that about Italy.  
     I am really bothered that TripAdvisor didn't rate this place higher, but the locals in town raved about it and so do I.  If you are ever in Reggio, I recommend this place, hands down!

     Did I mention that this place is fully stocked with all types of wine?  I enjoyed a glass of Prosecco, while my mom and husband had red wine from Rome.  We will definitely be back to dine at Il Pozzo.


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