I put on pants today

     Since having children, I entered an everlasting relationship with black leggings.  Black leggings are the majority of my wardrobe and definitely part of my mom-uniform.  Not to mention, they are ALWAYS on sale at TJMaxx (thank me later).  Living in Europe- especially Italy, I've got to step my game up.  Even the old women who have no business getting out of the house look fly!  I'm turning thirty, I stopped nursing, both of my children can walk- I have no excuse!  It's time to actually make an effort.

Even the ladybug thought I was cute.


Top: Urban Outfitters Mock turtle neck sweater
Bottoms: Zara Highwaist Jeans 
Shoes: Classic Timberland Boots
Jewelry: Gold Bangles from my Nana & beaded bracelets from Tabandeh
Frames: Prada 

     I absolutely love Zara jeans.  They are inexpensive, durable, and super cute.  This way I can spend money on my vices like handbags, shoes, and food.  I gave up on expensive jeans a long time ago- my kids always find a way to get a nice stain on them.   


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