Just Do It...your way

     Fall is here, but it is still so flipping hot.  Even though I have been dying to put on my booties and boots, I figured I could take advantage of the heat and throw on my most favorite platform sandals in the world.  Here's what I wore.

     For me, I like simpler clothes.  I tend to be more adventurous when shopping for my accessories- especially my bags and shoes- okay.  Also, you will probably ALWAYS see me rocking gold bangles.  It is just my thing- my Nana wore a lot when I was younger and I have a few from her collection.  
What is a signature piece or staple piece in your wardrobe?

From head to toe:

Top: Nike
Bottoms: Nike Leggings
Shoes: Elena Iachi- and yes, they have glitter on them!
Bag: Bally



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