I love this game

     I feel like a kid in a candy store or a puppy in an open field with no leash.  It is good to be back on the court!  I almost forgot how fun it is to play defense, take a shot, or get a steal.  Since I gave birth to CJ I have been living vicariously through Chris on the court.
     It seems unreal, but I have watched him so much in games, workouts, and practices- that when he plays I feel I am too.  During games I can definitely match his emotion all the way from the stands.
     I have been practicing with Olympia, the women's team, in Pesaro and it is an amazing feeling.  I even missed the muscle aches and cramps from being out-of-shape.

     Actually playing basketball is so much better than working out.  I keep trying to make myself run a mile or do some crunches, but it just isn't the same as sprinting for a lose ball or jumping for a rebound.  I figured if I wanted to get a six pack I need to go to the gym and shoot some three's (shooting definitely works on your core).


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