His 1st Book Report

    CJ is a secret book worm.  He adores his ipad, sports, and games, but every night I have to read at least three books.  But that isn't enough, he then needs to read his favorite book 'on his own' when I finish (per his request).  It doesn't come as a surprise since we've been reading to him since he was in the womb.  Every Thursday CJ brings home a book from the library.  This has been a big hit for CJ, but he gets a little bummed when he has to return them.  This week I decided to make him a mini book report for his book he brought home-  so, when he has to return it we still have his mini report to remind us of the story.

I had to ask a few questions to harbor his inner artist, but I think it turned out great.  He went the extra mile and spelled TRASH!  I just love him.

Sorting through our trash.
He got it right away!

     He caught on to the recycling pretty quickly.  I recycle in our house, but I never thought he had a clue to what I was doing.  He pointed out that, "Max recycles like mommy," and then he pointed to my Trader Joe's shopping bag full of sparkling water cans.  And that was my proud mommy moment. :)

I am always looking for great activities to do at home since our "home" can be just about anywhere these days.  What are some good homeschooling curriculums or activities you use with your little ones?


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