Halloween Cupcakes

     Thank goodness for boxed cupcake mix.  Betty Crocker saves the day!  It makes being a mom so much easier!  I will save the baking from scratch for when my kids are at their grandparents for a weekend.  With Halloween approaching we decided to get in to the spirit early.  


     It was an easy set up and clean up.  I purchased some a variety pack of Halloween themed sprinkles and a set of eye ball candies from Walmart.  At first I was skeptical because the recipe called for vegetable oil and I only had avacado oil in my cabinet.  I also substituted the water for milk ( I have been doing this since high school and I've never had a dry cup cake!).  Don't forget not to over mix the batter.  It is okay if it's a tad lumpy.  The kids and I hand mixed it with a spoon for four to five minutes.  They turned out delicious and I opted not to tell my family about the substitutions I made.

     Quick tip:  If you have a 1/3 cup measuring cup use it to scoop your batter!  It is the perfect amount to give it that nice fluffy dome on top.  

     The kids ended up decorating two cupcakes each.  They were ready to watch Boss Baby and enjoy their baked goods.  I had fun frosting the rest of the cupcakes and making them festive.  

     As Halloween approaches, I am falling more in love with the idea of having a spooky dinner.  CJ's school is having an event for the students so I figured I could do a fun dinner after while we give out candy at home.  Anyone have any suggestions for a costume for the trunk of our car?  Yes, the trunk!  Trunk-or-treat is in full effect this year. 

A refreshing Halloween Smoothie

Monster Burgers for CJ- possibly. 


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