Day Dating on the National Mall (Washington, D.C.)

     Chris and I have gotten accustom to making the most of our oldest being in "school" and our youngest taking naps from 10:45-12:30, so we would use that time to go on dates.  Most of the time during the year we are places where baby sitters are not available to us.  And now we are home and have babysitters ready and waiting for us to drop the kids off for a night on the town (aka the Grandparents), but whenever we have a free night we end up on the couch watching TV. Damn you, Netflix.
     So in true Wright fashion, we woke up early and drove to the National Mall to check out the Hirshhorn Museum.  All summer I said I was going to make a trip, but never did.  For sure it was inspirational.  There were three main exhibitions; Ai Weiwei (Trace at Hirshhorn), Barbara Kruger (Belief+Doubt), and Ilya & Emilia Kabakov (Utopian Projects)

     The museum is not overwhelmingly big so you will be able to navigate through at a good pace.  We didn't stay long at all, but got a very good look at every exhibit and got to read the inspiration for the art.  Living in Washington, D.C., you are bound to see some very different art.  If you are in the city after November 18th and you visit the National Mall you may or may not see a 45 foot tall naked woman facing the White House.  Marco Cochrane, the artist, has created a conversation starter on the top of violence against women.  People are now working on raising funds within the month to have the ability to transport it from San Fransisco to our nation's capital.  What are your thoughts about it?  

Here's the link to the article about the amazon woman moving the National Mall this fall. Click here.

     The National Mall is a fun date spot to go in D.C.  You've got open lawns, museums to explore (mostly for free) and the beautiful water next to it all.  Not to mention, the extremely long line of food trucks parked along Constitution Avenue.  One thing that I have learned since living between America and Europe the past five years is that Europeans have a greater knowledge of history than we do, as Americans.  It was good to brush up on some history and learn a thing or two about the city I was born in.


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