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     I can't even start this blog with saying I am super exciting to be back blogging because I'm not, quite honestly.  This summer has been great- don't get me wrong, but it has not shaped out as we'd hoped.
     We are currently waiting to find a good situation for Chris on the court this year while in a temporary house and prepping to move in two weeks (yes, our second move this summer).  All the while Chris works out once, even twice a day prepping for the year.  So yeah, it hasn't been quite the blogging material I hoped for, but it is what it is, right?
     While we wait and find a good situation for this upcoming season, CJ is in PreK4 and he is totally in love with school.  He brings home library books and funny stories.  There is always a silver lining to situations like these.  During this waiting period, CJ has blossomed into a confident speaking little human and Charlotte is the bossiest soon-to-be 19 month old I know.  I have also been taking advantage of living across the street from my parents (you heard it right) and handing the kids over whenever I can.  I have been able to get a lot of writing done for a fiction novel that has been ruling my life the past ten months.  I cannot wait to share more details about it in the future, but it is really happening!
     So, since I am winding down and finishing my book I can dedicate more time to my blog!  The reason I started writing in the first place, duh.  There you have it!  On September 16th my husband proposed we join the 100 days until Christmas challenge.  He and I will both dedicate an hour to something everyday, starting Saturday until Christmas day, and we will reward ourselves with the end result of consistency and hard work.  Part of my challenge will be blogging everyday (beginning Saturday) until Christmas morning!  Please check in with me and keep up with my 100 days!  See you soon.

Let's see what we've covered, shall we?

  • Still stateside waiting to sign with a new team this season
  • Finishing up my FIRST fiction novel!
  • CJ is in SCHOOL
  • 100 blog posts between Saturday (9/16) and Christmas!!


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