Trying new things

     This is me.  I took these photos within days of each other.  This was my first month having two kids overseas!  Charlotte was barely a month and CJ just turned three.  Some days I would wake up with loads of energy and actually shower, cook, clean, and look somewhat presentable at the same time.  Then I would have days where I barely brushed my teeth and counted down the minutes until noon so I could sneak a beer in during nap time.  Those were days when it was truly challenging to embrace the role of motherhood, but other days it is truly a blessing.
    So despite, the lack of sleep and/or lack of motivation some days to get out of my pajamas, we had a pretty great time in Varese.  Adjusting to having two children in another country full-time was a a crash course test I am still going through, but I am glad I have two wonderful children to experience it with. 
     Every mom goes through her own journey of motherhood.  It could be balancing multiple children, a career, being a single mom, etc.  This is why I decided to come out with a few mommy-feel-good T-shirts and totes!  I am hand-making the shirts all the way from the design to the process of applying the design to the canvas.  
     My first design is the 'TCR badge.  I started blogging in 2013, when I quit my job and moved to France with my then-boyfriend and six month old son.  I didn't know what to do with my new job as a stay-at-home mom (WAIT! I am still figuring that out and it's 2017).  Blogging became a passion that inspired me to try to push my creativity.  

     Here is my 'TCR' tee design!  I am so excited to get silk screening.  Please check in with me to see the finished product and order your own! :)


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