Great Food Place on H street in D.C.

     I absolutely LOVE this place on H street in D.C.,Sticky Rice.  It is a funky little spot with a lot of wall art.  You can sit upstairs in a booth by the window and watch the trolleys ride up and down the newly renovated street.  The kids are on vacation with my parents, so Chris and I have been catching up on some much needed date nights.  I am sorry, but not sorry about forgetting to snap a shot of our sushi we had.  It didn't stay on the plate very long.

     These sweet terriyaki wings are scrumptious.  Crispy, but coated in sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and next to them we have steamed chicken dumplings.

     STICKY BALLS are a beast!  They are fried on the outside and drizzled with all types of amazing sauces.  But, the inside is the interesting part.  There is tuna, sticky rice, crab, and scallions.  YESSSSS!  Oops, sorry, that was my stomach yelling.  If you are ever in D.C. go there!!  


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