Food....the struggle.

     Let me be the first to say!  I love food, but lately I am kinda over it.  I mean my feelings toward food right now is just blehhhhh. Every so often I find myself going through this.  I just get tired of cooking the same things over and over or I go to the same restaurant and get the same meal on the menu.
     Obviously, food is everywhere these days.  There are food blogs, instagrams, Facebook fan pages, YouTube channels, and much more.  I keep reading about food crazes, the hot new veggie, clean eating, plant-based eating, raw, gluten-free, etc.  I really cannot keep up.  I know I am so behind the trend, but I am just now falling in love with making smoothies in the morning.  Sometimes I can keep up.  When the Kale craze hit I was on board and proud.  To this day, if I can ever substitute Kale for my green, I will!  Also, I adore kale Cesar salads and the kale slaw from Takorean! Yumm!  
     Chris has been working so hard on the track and on the court that I feel guilty feeding him whatever.  So now I am forcing myself to really sit down and find food that is going to fuel his body, but also taste somewhat good.  I know sometimes you just have to hold your nose and chew to get certain nutrients, but I know I can find a balance between healthy and tasty.  A little of everything is good in moderation, right?  And the everything I am referring to is a pinch more or salt there, squirt of teriyaki sauce here, and an extra teaspoon of butter there. ;).
     I definitely will be taking advantage of Prime Now, Whole Foods online ordering, and Farmer's Markets through out the city on the weekends (I told you, I love my smoothies).  I will update the blog soon with how I am going to organize our eating in a healthy and cost effective way.  I am tired of paying UberEats and Einstein Bagels!  I also found a cool meal planning template I am going to work on.  I will post my finished product and my thoughts after a week of meal planning and attempting to add some "clean eating" meals.  Stay tuned!  Hopefully this works!


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