Fashion Friday!

     Happy Friday to everyone!  I am excited to do Fashion Friday in the US for three reasons.  My first reason is that I am finally around majority of my clothes, so I can really mix and match what I have been collecting the past few years.  Secondly, I can't wait to show you the new D.C. and all of the funky new sites we have in our city.  Finally, third, my little sister does my hair, makeup, and photos while I am home! (Her instagram is @nikkipinz if you are in DC visit her at Dry Bar Georgetown for an amazing blowout!)
     I have always been obsessed with button up oxford shirts, but probably because I spent middle and high school wearing uniform.  So, I have grown quite comfortable with this shirt.  I love this one I found because it is oversized and dress-like (maybe a dress for someone who wears a size 2) and the designer and fabric is from Napoli.  I stuck some old cut up Levi's that I've had for a few years now.  Word of Advice:  Keep and ripped up jeans or shorts forever.  They NEVER go out of style.  As you know, I have my obsession with bags.  I love this Gucci clutch.  It is very masculine, but it's a purse so I love it!  And lastly, my shoes.  Oh, my shoes!  I would buy these a million times over.  I have always wanted a cute pair of loafers and I found these in 2014 in Lyon, France.  I am glad I paid a pretty penny because they look brand new and it's 2017!  Chris and I got hip to the brand, The Kooples, during our stay in France.  They are definitely a luxury brand, but I think it is more than okay to splurge every once and a while because their clothes and shoes last. 
 So here is the breakdown below:
Hat: Zara 
Top: Small Boutique in Torino
Shorts: Some thrift store in DC
Shoes: The Kooples
Bag: Gucci
Watch: Something borrowed from my Husband (Thx Babe!)
Necklaces: The Curly Roots Jewelry...(YES! I made these and YES I will post an order form for them!)



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