Bathing Suit shopping after 2 c-sections

     AHHHHHH, I yell, as I scroll down, click in, and out of sites trying to find the perfect suit for me. Hell, at this point, not even perfect, but something that fits over both cheeks.  I am under thirty (Yup...still claiming that until the 17th of December), so I don't want anything that makes me look old and frumpy.  No offense, but I refuse to wear a tankini or dress bottoms at the beach at twenty-nine.  I am going on vacation in about two weeks and I want something sexy, but I don't want to show off everything.  I mean, sheesh I am married.  While endlessly searching for the right fitting piece, I decided to share my quest to find the right one!

I am in love with this denim cover up!  I could easily slip this on over my swim suit and go to lunch then the beach :)

     Most of my choices are a little modest and honestly, it is because of my c-section scar.  Since it was opened for the second time I have a little scar tissue and mini fat pouch right above.  It is really small and hard to see, but I know it is there and I want to be comfortable and care-free on my vacation.

I could see myself with two braids and flowers in my hair walking on the beach :).

I like this look, but I am a little nervous about the side boob action.  Or am I being a little prude?
"Cause I slay, all day..." *Beyoncé voice*
I think I would look good in this after my second day on the beach with a nice little tan.
This is a no brainer.  NEED IT!
I like the colors, and the back looks really nice!
I love, love, love these!
This is out-of-the-box for me, but I think I could make it look cute.  I have a mesh nike cropped jersey.  

Quick link to the sites:

Nordstrom Swimwear
Net-a-Porter Swimwear
Urban Outfitters Swimwear 
Naked Wardrobe Swimwear

     After going through my closet I noticed that I had a lot of two pieces and needed to collect a couple one pieces.  I need to make a decision fast and put a rush order on my packages, just in case they don't fit or are not what I thought they were.  Wish me luck!


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