Back on U.S. soil

   We made it back!  We seriously had a seventeen hour trip from Hell, so it took me about a week to recover and get back to blogging.  Have you ever tried to take your French Bulldog on an international flight?  Well, we tried, failed, and tried again.  It was a super stressful journey trying to get our pup on U.S. soil, but it was worth it.  He is loving life in America right now.
     Since we have been back we have been focusing on moving all of our crap into one place and going through it all.  Living overseas for nine months at a time can sending things back to America here and there can get a little difficult.  I am finding things that I had four years ago in France!  It was a sweet treat to find a pair of brown leather booties I have been missing for a few years.
     Chris is getting back to working out full time and I am trying to get our house together before CJ starts camp and I can make our guest room an office :).  I am pretty excited about that.  So all my creating, doll making, writing, and whatever else I can think of doing can be done in one clean area with a door that closes and separates me from my now walking one-year-old and very opinionated four-year-old.  I will be back soon to update you after memorial day weekend!
     Oh and before I forget, I will be posting all of the good eats I've been indulging in since we have been back!  YUM!  But, don't worry I have been eating salads too :).


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