It's Mrs. Procrastination to you

I've got so much stuff up on my laptop!  It annoys me!

     I saw on Instagram one day, a video of some famous guy saying there is no such thing as procrastination.  While, his explanation made sense, I also thought to myself, 'well he hasn't met me.'  I feel like I have tried it all.  I make to do lists on my phone and on paper, I split up my things I need done into priorities, but I just can't get it right sometimes...well most times.
     This is our first year overseas with two kids under four and a seven month old French Bulldog- so that in itself is a challenge.  I thought I had it under control, but honestly it is exhausting.  Nursing a one year old is a job in itself.  Some days she will literally nurse for hours at a time.  For me, that means no laundry, no dishes, no tidying the house, and no exercising.  By the time we finish our nursing session she pops right up and is ready to tear up the house some more and my four year old is back from school waiting for a snack and to play!  PHEW! Are you tired of reading yet?  I will be honest, the worst thing is I discovered a site that delivers food!  My poor husband is SURPRISED when I cook.  I have definitely got to get a handle on this.  I find myself waiting until the last minute to do just about everything and while I don't feel particularly bad about it because I was most likely spending time with my family- I need to get it under control!
     I just think sometime my brain is moving a mile a minute and my body is a few days behind it.  I am putting my foot down and making myself get my life together.  I have big plans for this summer and I refuse to let myself procrastinate through it.  Now, I have no idea what I am going to do, but I will start with something.  I find myself thinking about the task that needs to be done and spending a good ten minutes trying to figure out where I can squeeze it in later instead of just doing it right then and there.  That is my baby step, I am going to eliminate my 'excuse-making process'.  Now I know anyone who is reading this knows exactly what I am talking about! Haha.
     See!  I am doing it now!  Currently, I am nursing my daughter (who just fell asleep) and trying to figure out when is a good time tomorrow to do the five dishes I have in the sink.  I am going to stop writing right now, put her down, and go clean the five stinking dishes in the sink.  And since I've got a load in the wash that I need to hang outside, I will write the book I've been working on.  My goal is to get to page 80 by Sunday (I am on 76).  Wow!  This sounds amazing!  So I am signing off!  I hope everyone has had a productive day.

Peace, Love, & Curls


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