Fashion Friday!

     Happy Friday to all!  So, I really need to get some new poses, if I am going to be posting my outfits every Friday!  But, it is just so darn hard not to be goofy when your husband is standing in front of you with a camera and your daughter is off to the side in her stroller trying to figure out what in the world you are doing.  Haha! Please be kind to my awkward poses, but it is me!

     As you may already know I love a denim top (and bottom...obviously) and this oversized shirt from Free People is my absolute favorite!  It is super comfy and I am sure I can dress it up and make it a little more sexy.  Today, I wore my air force one cream high tops with gum bottoms.  I am obsessed with the fact that Nike is now making a lot of their sneakers with a khaki colored bottom for the sole instead of the classic white sole.  It is really cute, but more importantly keeps me from having dirty soles (well less visible dirt).  My jeans are from Zara and my shades are Komono.  I love finding different sunglasses.  We got these from a mall in Tel Aviv last season.  

Enjoy your Friday in style!

Peace, Love, & Curls


  1. Great post!! I love these "casual cute" looks as I would call them! I also got some awesome shades in Israel- they always had great sales at the mall!! I love your Fashion Fridays, keep them coming!!!


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