Fashion Fridays are back!

     Happy Friday everyone! I am back to fashion Fridays on my blog!  I am so excited to MAKE myself get back to this.  I mean, I am not sure if a lot of people want my fashion expertise (if I have any), but it will definitely force me to look like a human one day a week.  Since having two kids and a dog, this has definitely been a challenge for me.  Today's look is hip mom denim.
     I love anything denim, especially some funky jean fabric paired with sweet looking sneakers.  These gorgeous babies are Michael Jordan's first sneaker.  By the way, his birthday was this past week!  The weather finally allowed me to wear my ripped up jeans, so I leaped at the opportunity.

I love two buns, so I decided to do a funky hippy braid in the front! :)

The first Jordans are by far my most favorite shoe and super comfortable!
     I love this look, it is one of my favorites and will be sharing more of my mommy of two wardrobe with you.  Until next Friday, my friends, but wait I will be posting some time earlier next week so check back soon!  Have a safe and awesome weekend!

peace, love, & curls!


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