You can't win them all

     This face about sums up the night of Monday night's game.  It was a long night for the Wright household.  We had a big game that evening against a team we probably should not have lost to.  It was such a tough game, we were in a dog fight from the beginning.  As a wife and fan it gets rough.  You just feel helpless at times when your husband is on the court working his butt off and things aren't going his way and then you have fans in your ear that may be boo-ing him or chastising him for a missed shot.  And to top it off your child/children may or may not be having a full blown temper tantrum during the game.

     I can say I would not trade it for the world, but sometimes- just sometimes, I want to run on the court and foul the living crap out of an opponent that just placed an illegal screen on my husband.  I can't say I know how it is in the NBA because I was at home with our, then, newborn son while Chris played with the Mavericks, but after my few years overseas...IT IS REAL.  You can cut the tension in the gym with a knife some games.  Now, don't get me wrong.  When we are winning and the game is in our favor it is freaking awesome.  The drums are beating and the crowd is jumping up out of their seats and you can see the energy is just contagious.  I am hoping this week's away game, which the kids and I are going to (against our old team) will be better!

     Random play of the game.  Our team (yellow) had the ball out-of-bounds, under the basket we were shooting on, and Chris called a play per usual.  But, no one was really getting open and Chris decided to bounce the ball off of the defender's back, step in-bounds, and score a layup.

     Some of the positives of the game were our kids looked super cute in their personalized Wright jerseys.


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