After last night's tough loss, I figured I would sweeten the mood and talk about one of my favorite meals :).  If you are from the D.C. area like my husband and I, I can bet that you love brunch on a nice sunny Saturday or Sunday morning!  A nice pair of shades, a yummy side of eggs, and mimosa is amazing.  D.C. has become a breeding ground for brunch spots on the weekends.  During the offseason, Chris and I try to find a new one each weekend, but we ofcourse,  have our favorites.  A few of our favorites are; Open City, Highlands, and MatchBox.  Now during the season, we sometimes get a craving for a scrumptious brunch spot.  It can be rather challenging at times to find a good "American Brunch" spot, but we have lucked up this season and found THREE!

     So far, our favorite one is Pai Bikery.  It is absolutely delectable- so delectable that you have to call four days in advance to get a seat.  It is a quaint little place that serves as a restaurant and bike shop.  It has got some cool hippie vibes and if you know me- you know I freaking love it!

     We had the chance to take Chris's parents to Pai Bikery and everyone fully enjoyed it.  CJ had two servings of pancakes with maple syrup.  My mother-in-law and I enjoyed a lemon-lime spritz and bellini.  While we ordered savory and sweet pancakes, Chris and his dad enjoyed an English breakfast that included; eggs-over-easy, beans, bacon, and toast.  My apologies, I couldn't get my camera out fast enough because I missed of few plates.

     Check this baby out!  It is a stack of three pancakes that has cheddar cheese between the layers as well as a scrambled egg with cheese on top and accompanied with a small green salad with a balsamic drizzle.

     All that to say, we will be back!  There is another spot we found in the centre that I cannot wait to try out.  I took a peak at their menu downtown and I say eggs benedict and french toast!!! So, stay tuned!


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