CJ is in SCHOOL!

I have exciting news!  This week marks CJ's first week in school.  He absolutely loves it.  He gets so excited when he sees his building and cries when I pick him up to leave.  I am so happy for him!  He is adjusting so well, but why wouldn't he?  Italy is like a second home to him.  CJ's teachers are awesome!  They are kind, patient, and always smiling.  I am so happy we put him in this school.


It is about a thirty minute walk from our house- so my fitbit and I have been getting some good steps in.  For the past few days he has been going half day, but tomorrow he will be going the full day! This shall be interesting, but I am sure he will do great!

CJ loves pointing out cool stuff on our walks in between our songs we sing.  I am sure we probably look crazy walking down the street singing songs in English in the middle of Italy, but who cares!  He has a smile on his face and to me, that is all that matters.

I love the mural he spotted!  All of the artwork are becoming land marks for him, so he knows when we are getting close to his school!  I will be sure to give an end of the week report on how he did on his full days! :)


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