Finding time for baby...the older baby

     Now that we have two kids, I don't want CJ to feel like he is being shorted on any fun.  I may just be paranoid, but sometimes I find myself with Charlotte all day long and haven't even opened a book to read to my little man.  It breaks my heart to even think that he may feel that his time is being taken by his new needy-newborn sister.  While my parents were visiting us in Italy I was able to have some solid mommy and son time at a carnival while Chris napped before one of his games.

     I think we had a pretty good time!  We even finished our special day off with some yummy cotton candy!  I know you aren't supposed to spoil your kids with candy and toys to win their affection, but I think CJ and I both needed a day of well-deserved treats and fun.

     I think the highlight of my day was when CJ tried to feed his two month old sister some sticky melted cotton candy he held on to just for her.  I almost cried because we had an awesome time, but he managed to think about his sister and make sure he saved her some of his treat.  Sometimes CJ catches me off guard with his kindness and willingness to share with others, especially a baby that takes up most of his mommy's time lately.  Thankfully, Charlotte doesn't mind me pumping and giving her a bottle, so CJ and I can spend a little time together.  But, he does enjoy his time with his sister and usually insists that she comes with us when we are headed out on for the day.


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