Thinking about the season


     The season is officially over and we are back stateside for awhile.  I can honestly say I am exhausted!  Switching teams mid-season, having our daughter, and Chris playing in the championship game for FIBA cup- you could say we have been a little busy.
      I am so proud of Chris for finishing up the season really strong.  At one point during the season we weren't sure when Chris would play in another game.  So, making the final four with his team was a huge deal for our family.  His team received the silver medal in the FIBA cup Championship game in France.  The team coordinated transportation and hotel accommodations for the families of the team- which was awesome (Thank you, Raffaella).  The Final Four was in Chalon, France which is about a five and a half hour trip from Varese, Italy.

     Varese, Italy was a great place for us to end the second part of the season.  Chris loved the team and team chemistry, CJ fit right in at the playgrounds and loved the pasta, and I thoroughly enjoyed every breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps we had from our little apartment.

Photo found at: @Pallavarese (via Instagram)
Headed to Daddy's Semi Final game.
     If you know me, then you know that I am so serious about the games.  I mean I am locked in!  You see that CJ has his gear on!  I usually wear a replica of Chris's jersey or our team colors and Charlotte sports her Varese bib and comfy red GAP sweats.  The Wright's are all in when it comes to Daddy's games.  CJ even gives us a break on toddler tantrums on game days.    
Friends :)

     During the final four, I could tell the other wives were just as pumped as I was and I am thankful we were sitting all together supporting each other and our hubbies.  It is definitely a different type of feeling when you are in another country during the championship game!  I mean, it is a big deal to be in a post season game, but to experience it in another culture is surreal.  It was a genuine emotional final four for the fans, who's team history is extensive in cup games and then us, Americans, who are experiencing making a championship game for the first time in their professional careers.  I was up at my feet for a few missed calls during the game and Chris's halfcourt buzzer beating shot!  Our guys were in a heck of a battle and played their hardest so I couldn't be prouder.
Shot from our seats at the Final Four game in Chalon, France
Celebrating after a win! Photo found at: @Pallavarese (via Instagram)

     With the season over, I can't wait to see what we get into next!


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