Mission Back to College Body!

     Six weeks is up and my scar is pretty much healed!  That means I am ready to get back in shape and get back into my size small wardrobe...hopefully.  I won't lie it has been a little difficult getting motivated or actually having a set time to work out with a newborn and toddler, but I manage to squeeze it in.

6 weeks post baby (April 12, 2016)
     I am starting out super slow because I have not done much exercising in about ten months and I still need energy to chase my little guy around and stay up until the wee hours of the morning with my princess.

So, this week I am focusing on abs.  I have a couple ab circuits I will share with you.  My current weight is 145 pounds and my goal is to get to my college weight, 130 pounds.

     This week's agenda:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
200 abs:
  • 30 second plank exercise (twice) (click for plank tutorial)
  • set of 50 bicycle abs exercise (twice)
  • set of 25 toe touches (twice)
  • set of 25 sit ups (twice)
     Now, to some of you all this may seem too easy and for others it may be challenging.  Like I said, I am just beginning to work out again and I am going super slow.  Next week I will crank it up to five days of 200 abs and may add in a squat/lunge workout.  I mean I have to be honest, the way I have been eating and all this delicious food in Italy- I have to crank it up a little. :)

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