Thanksgiving rundown...

     Thursday was an action packed day for us, but it was well worth it.  This was our first time hosting thanksgiving for a small group of people in another country.  I'm not going to lie, I went into preparing the meal kind of bummed because of certain ingredients I needed simply aren't sold here.  I was missing jiffy corn mix, Adobo seasoning for poultry, and a few other staple ingredients needed for a "traditional" thanksgiving meal.  I made the best of my situation and ended up finding a copy cat recipe for iffy corn mix and now I will never waste money on buying a box again (even though, they are usually always on sale).

     Now these babies did not make it to the night of Thanksgiving :(.  I did a test run on Tuesday night and then it was delicious.  I planned on making some right before our guests arrived, but the hourglass literally ran out. 

     One thing that I failed to factor in when I originally planned out my Thanksgiving prep was the size and strength of the ovens in another country.  Our yummy turkey took up the entire oven for the whole day.  Chris and I went back and forth to his teammates house across the street to cook our sides.

Prep for garlic & onion String Beans
Mashed potato prep

         After a lot of YouTube how to's, I buttered, seasoned, and prayed the turkey would come out tasty!

Turkey & Ham 
Corn Casserole 

     Dinner turned out nicely.  Two of my friends brought delicious sweet potato casserole, garlic parmesan rice, and stuffing.  We had a really great time and are truly thankful for everything we have received.



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