Here Comes Turkey Day...

     Since moving to Israel my life has been a little bit hectic.  From fainting on the plane upon arrival (ugh, what an experience) to Chris's calf injury and insane case of Strep Throat, I feel like I have not been able to settle in and get a routine going for the blog and- who are we kidding, myself.  So, with a little time on my hand and Thanksgiving a week away I figured I would set the records straight and hop back on the horse :).

     By the way, I am having a baby girl late February! (Don't you like how I threw that in the mix of madness news in my life.)

    We decided to name her Charlotte and CJ has nicknamed her Charlee.  Thanksgiving is next week and I decided to get myself on track after the past hectic month or two.  I just need a fresh start and an organized way to start the holiday season (because I actually really want to enjoy them!).  I guess you can say I am setting up my new year a little early- I finally have the time with CJ in school now.  

     With my family getting on track and me catching up with laundry, I have a few lifestyle changes to set in place before our yummy feast next week (I will be prepping early and sharing my steps on the blog early next week).

  • Re-Organize and Clean (I am talking nooks & crannies) our apartment
  • 10:00-11:00 am daily blogging regimen 
  • Going to the gym with Chris once a week
  • Thanksgiving Shopping Trip part 1 on Sunday (plastic cups/plates/flatware, tablecloths, etc.)
  • Thanksgiving Shopping Trip part 2 Tuesday/Wednesday (I will be prepping a few sides early so I will shop as needed)
  • Daily hour set aside for current project
     Those are a few things I want to accomplish and, hopefully ,blogging about it will really set this plan in motion.  I hear the guy from Waterboy chanting, "You can do it," in the back of my head.  So here we go!  I cannot wait to share my Thanksgiving plans with you.  This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel with a few teammates and friends.  

     I had to post a picture of CJ- even he was a little bothered not being able to watch his dad play.


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