Ahh! It is already Wednesday!

     I feel like I have been talking about thanksgiving forever and now it is already Wednesday.  I have been trying to stick to my 'to do' lists and I think I am still on track so far.  Yesterday, we went grocery shopping and stumbled upon a seven kilo turkey.  I wish we could have recorded our reactions.  Since we have been overseas, it is sometimes impossible to find whole turkeys.  So, when we asked the butcher and he nonchalantly said yes I think I turned to Chris and squealed with excitement.

     Tonight, I am going to start on some sides (ie. Green Beans) and our pie.  We still have a little bit of cleaning to do for tomorrow's dinner, but so far my anxiety level isn't sky rocketing through the roof.

     I love going to the big grocery stores here because they have a lot of american products :).  It gives you a little taste of home, which is always good!  We will be missing our family this thanksgiving, but their recipes will made and I am sure we will Skype them around dinner.

     I can't wait to share how our dinner goes. Happy Turkey Day eve :).  Happy cooking!


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