Mission Potty Training

     Last year we bought a potty for CJ, but we really just let him get comfortable seeing it and sitting on it.  Well, let's be honest- use it as a helmet.  This time around I think he is ready.  Before we left the U.S.,  a neighbor of ours gifted us with a few of her son's videos he grew out of.  One of them was a potty DVD.  When we put the potty video on he makes the "pee sound" and goes and sits on his potty.  Luckily, I found an english potty book and he likes to sit and flip through the pages while he waits.  We haven't had anything trickle or drop into the potty yet, but we have high hopes!  His time is coming soon :).

He likes the idea of his briefs, but not quite ready for them without a pamper :).

     I have been surfing the net to find some tips and tricks to helping your toddler use the potty.  I hope they help you too.


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