Yom Kippur in Israel

     This is our first season in Israel.  We spent our first Yom Kippor together yesterday.  Yom Kippur is one of the most holiest holidays and people refrain from electronics, eating, driving, bathing, and pray for forgiveness.  Yom Kippur lasts aproximately 25 hours.  We wanted to make sure we were respectful of the holiday and we tried to be as quiet as possible (as quiet as you can be with a 2 1/2 year old).

     On Tuesday evening there were no cars in the streets.  Instead, they were filled with children riding bikes, adults sitting in lawn chairs in the middle of the intersection, and dogs wandering about.  Other than the screams of laughter from children playing it was quiet.  

     We did not want to disturb our neighbors so we decided to take CJ outside and let him run around. We walked for almost two hours.  CJ was exhausted :).  I don't think he ever had that much fun ripping and running through the streets.  He loved seeing all of the children on their bikes and especially roller blades.  The next day stores were still closed and the streets were full of kids.  Around 7pm everyday life resumed and cars were back in the streets and Chris had practice that evening.  

     It was a great experience to be a part of and see how Yom Kippur is celebrated in Israel, where 70% of the population is Jewish.  I can remember having no school in high school for Yom Kippur (not really knowing the significance) and now I got to actually experience it.


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