A Walking Fiasco

   Yesterday was an adventure for CJ and I.  For some reason I thought that Chris's practice was at Baia (the gym by the water), but it ended up being at the gym closer to the center of town.  Both of these places are a decent and scenic walk for us.  I thought it would be a good idea to tire CJ out by walking him to Chris's practice, letting him enjoy watching his dad practice, and then hitch a ride back with his dad. Well, I was sadly mistaken.  As we approached the gym I heard younger voices yelling and I peaked in to see young kids at practice.  My little balloon popped.  I realized instead of getting a ride back with Chris, we would be on foot back home.

    The walk back was a disaster.  CJ was tired and I somehow ended up carrying him along with his ipad all the back to our house.  I must of tapped into my inner body building mode.  This is normally a ten to fifteen minute walk, but with the temper tantrums and slow walking it took us about thirty minutes.  I did manage to get some nice shots of our walk in.  Now I know to make sure I know what gym practice is or bring the stroller. Haha.


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