Signing with your Toddler

     Last year I wrote a blog post about signing to your baby on my first blog.  I raved about the book, Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Bryant.  I read that book page by page and really studied it while I was pregnant.

    The thought of being able to sign to my future son seemed pretty cool.  I read up on signing to your babies and the benefits of it seemed great.

     So here I am, two years later, giving you all an update.  I first started signing with CJ when he was around six months (a lot of information I read suggested starting between six and nine months).  Milk, More, Please were the three we began with.  I think it helped that Daddy was on board with it too.  Like the book suggests, we signed while we spoke to him.  As time progressed I added Mommy and Daddy.  You have to stay consistent and don't get discouraged if your little one doesn't sign right away.  CJ first signed, more, when he was eleven months.  That day we made sure we had a celebration!  Our hard work of signing was beginning to pay off.

     There is information out there on the internet saying it can stop tantrums.  My son still has tantrums (just to warn you).  I will say, when I get to his eye level and sign please stop or sign Sorry (while I am saying I am sorry you are upset).  I do get his attention quicker than just speaking to him. He's two now and is able to sign; more, please, mommy, daddy, milk, thank you, sorry, stop, help, hi, eat, and I love you.  He is now picking up on new signs each day.  I want to make sure I introduce two signs a week.  This way we can really practice them in our everyday activities.

     Currently, I am working on the colors; red, yellow, and blue with his legos (A birthday present from one of Chris's coaches- Thank you!).  While I am saying the color I am also signing them.  He has a great colors book to help me point out the colors and objects that are associated with them.  While I read I also sign the colors.

     Here is a short video of CJ signing.  Babies and toddlers may do their own version of the sign which is fine, but make sure you continue to sign the word or phrase the correct way- they will catch on.
Click Here for the video.

     I hope this post is helpful to any of you new moms or moms that are looking to sign with their baby.  If you have an older toddler you aren't too late.  Everyone can learn sign language at any age :).  It is a fun activity for us to do as a family!

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