Pasta, Pasta Everywhere

     There is nothing better than getting some quality time with my two favorite guys and food- Italian food!  We have stopped at this restaurant by Chris's practice gym a couple times and we love the pasta there!  They also whip up some pretty tasty fries for the little man, CJ.  He tries our dishes, but I usually feed him before we go, just in case he doesn't want anything on the menu.  So, he usually gets the fries here (for all you moms- he has his fruit or veggies & protein in the house).

My plate.  Gnocchi with Shrimp, Saffron, & Asparagus.
CJ's plate. French Fries with extra ketchup :).
Chris's plate.  He got the rigatoni carbonara.

     I promise to keep you updated on our latest meals :).  Next time I have to share the Pizzeria that is close to our house.  It is to die for!  I never want to eat Domino's or Pizza Hut EVER again!  For now, we have to focus!  Chris has a big game coming up against Milano, the top team in the league, but I have faith in my guy!  Let's go, Pesaro!


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