Lazy walks by the sea

     With Chris having a day off after their big win against Rome, we decided to have a lazy day at home.  The sun was bright and shining and CJ wanted to run around.  We decided to head by the sea for some sun.

He finally gave in and took a picture with mommy.
He hates photos, but I always seem to sneak a few in :).

I could watch these two all day.
He was ready for nap time.

Cheering for his dad as he skips rocks into the sea.

Best Friends!

He is becoming a collector, he found some sticks to draw with in the sand.

Sand Art we stumbled upon on our walk.

     It was so nice to have absolutely nothing to do and take in the beautiful scenes.  You could feel the cool air coming off of the water and if you lick your lips you can taste the Adriatic sea.  We had a nice long walk that eventually made CJ ready to take his nap :).  I love days like these.


  1. It is nice to see that you are so good in Pesaro!
    I hope that VL will be able to find the conditions to make you stay long (... including back after the summer)


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