Nursing a Toddler Update

     I just wanted to update you moms on our quest to No More Nursing-Ville (Yes, I just made that location up).  We have been up and down on this roller coaster, but we are making way!  Now we are down to nursing during nap times and before he goes to bed.  Today, we had a break through and he didn't nurse before he had his midday nap.

     I am excited that my parents are coming out to visit- not only will we be able to have mommy and daddy time, but CJ will be away from the boob!

     In the meantime, I have been stocking up on milk with my trusty manual pump.

     Each trip to the store he fills our cart with his favorites; strawberries, apples, pears, and oranges.  So, I make sure he has his fresh fruit each morning and midday snack.  Good luck to you nursing mommies!


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