Curly Roots Favorites

     Slowly as well as in a cost effective manner, I am changing my wardrobe.  I recently have been in to the color black.  Well, I have always been into black and grey, but never had the guts to wear only that color.  The whole you are gothic comments kind of threw me, but then I realized if you like it wear it!  Who cares?  Now, don't get me wrong I still love my reds, maroons, and navy colors.  I just find different ways to incorporate them into my outfit- with lipstick, a bracelet, etc.

     Here are my favorite picks from one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters:

Urban Renewal Remade Side Tie Poncho $69

This Kimono Jacket has a pop of color throughout the black.  I am obsessed with jackets, especially short sleeve ones.

Urban Renewal Recycled Sleeveless Kimono Jacket $79

Jeffrey Campbell Sacchi Wedge Sandal $135
Adidas Originals Cropped Track Pant $45 


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