Big Win for VL!

     I should of wrote about this earlier, but in all the excitement I forgot.  We had a big win last Sunday :).  The game came down to a free throw- which Mr. Wright sunk with ease- thank goodness! I knew he was going to make both of his free throws because he practices them so much, but the game was on the line and my stomach made it's way to my throat.  I may have taken two breaths during the fourth quarter.  My eyes were glued to the court.  I was up and down in my seat like a hot potato.  There were lead changes, periods of time where we did not score and they did, and moments where we played spectacular.
     Wally (He's from the our hometown area too!) had a GREAT game as well as Musso and Tommy.  The team played so well together.  It was a great win against a very good basketball team.  I hope this shows our team that we are just as good as the teams in the top of the conference- because we are!  Here are a couple shots from game day...

Photo Credit: Camillo (click here). Rebounding for this guy before his game- yes, we get to the gym EXTRA early.

CJ is making sure his dad's shot was looking good. 
CJ and Daddy going through the tunnel to get some extra shots up before the game.

Photo Credit: Camillo (click here).  
Photo Credit: Camillo (click here). Our fans!
Photo Credit: Cami Billi.  We were getting ready to watch the game.
Photo Credit: Cami Billi.
Storming the court after the game!
My hands were hurting after the game from clapping so hard.

     Now let's take on Roma!


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