Sunday's game recap

     Sunday evening was Chris's first game in about a month!  It was great to see him back on the court and I must say his red and white jersey brings back old memories (his high school's colors).  Unfortunately, we ended with a loss, but we made a hell of a comeback.  Chris's team has so much potential and I know with a little more time on the court together they are going to be something special.

     I snapped a couple of photos before the game.  Luckily there were plenty of action photos on the team's Facebook because I did not get any- when the whistle blows CJ and I are locked into the game.  

     During the games, children are able to go to the other gym and play while their parents watch the game.  How sweet is that?  Although, CJ only stayed for about twenty minutes it gave me a chance to enjoy a cappuccino.  He made it back to our seats by game time and was ready to watch his dad- did I mention they bring your child back to your seat when they are ready to leave?  

     Here are some amazing shots taken by a photographer, Toni Luca, in Pesaro!  

     The next game is away at Varese, so CJ and I will be taking a road trip :).  It's about a four hour drive, which is like driving to New York from D.C.- so not too bad.  I'm itching for a win! 


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