Nursing a Toddler

     "Mommy will still cuddle with you at night.  You are becoming a big boy and big boys drink milk from a cup," I calmly whisper desperately in hopes it will resonate in my almost-two-year-old son's head.  

     I have been back and forth about the idea of stopping nursing, but then I realized it is not solely my decision.  I have attempted to ween him off of nursing and to be quite honest it has been hell.  The screaming, kicking, and throwing the bottle is just the tip of the iceberg.  I have never felt this kind of frustration in my life.  On one hand I feel awful about holding out and trying to feed him my milk through a bottle and on the other hand my boobs are just tired!

Caught in the act of trying to get a quick nursing session in.

     This decision has be pacing back in forth through my mind daily!  So I have decided to not force the issue, but I will slowly try to nurse him less.  I have devised a plan for my comfort nurser.

Preparing breakfast while he is asleep so he can wake up to food

Staying active through out the day (if I sit- he wants to nurse)

Always have healthy snacks on hand when we are out

Nurse only when it is time to sleep (eventually I can cut out naps then bedtime)

     The hard part is sticking to it!  It is always easy to whip out a boob when he is having a meltdown, but I plan on working it out with out the milk!  Wish me luck :).



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