Live, Love, and Basketball

     I continue to say that basketball has afforded me great opportunities and unique experiences.  Well, what can I say, it is true.  Since we have been in Pesaro, we have received nothing but love and well wishes, but this past weekend was very special.  On Saturday night, we dined with a beautiful group of people that shared their home, heart, warm conversation, and superb food.  I can't even finish writing this post without tearing up (YES, I may have whimpered while writing a sentence or two), but I cannot begin to explain the hospitality and genuine vibes we received.
     We were welcomed with gifts and smiles and we were able to see the rich history of Pesaro Basketball. I laughed, enjoyed music, stuffed my face, and could not stop smiling all night. 

CJ admiring his dad's graffiti skills
Chris autographing a ball for the VL Pesaro museum that was created by a fan in their home :).

Just a few of some throwback autographed kicks.
Hands down the best dessert I ever had...Tiramisu.  
Showered with thoughtful gifts, letters, and poems made with love.
CJ learning the game early :) with his new friend, one of Chris' coaches.
     Pesaro is such a wonderful place filled with great people, now I just can't wait to get my bottom in the bleachers for a game! Let's go VL Pesaro! 


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