Cruising around in Pesaro

     CJ and I are finally adjusted to the time difference in Italy.  We didn't do too much today, but I have to say today was a great day.
     After we dropped Chris off at practice we roamed around for a little while.  I had a coffee while CJ enjoyed some tasty gelato.  This is our second country we have been in in the past three years and so now we have to learn some basic Italian.  My favorite phrase has been, "do you speak english," since we have been here.  Quite often the answer is no, so when I was asked if I knew spanish a grin appeared on my face.  
     I replied, "un poquito."  I was so excited to get some spanish practice in.  I know, I am in Italy, but there is no way I could learn the Italian language in one week.  Thankfully, there are some folks here that are bilingual in Italian and Spanish!  So, since I couldn't order our gelato and coffee in the native tongue I managed to get it right in Español.  I have to say, when I am in America my spanish speaking skills flat out stink, but here I am pretty good.  Naturally, this only made me want to practice some more spanish and of course, learn some basic phrases in Italian.  But, who are we kidding I know you are looking for some pictures of the town and if you are my mother you are waiting for a picture of CJ to pop up.  So here are a few shots I managed to snap while we waited outside of the gym.  Enjoy!


  1. I bet it's beautiful in Italy, a place that I'd love to go to with with my hubby. Enjoy it while you can!


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