CJ's first day with the Bees

     If we were at home in the U.S., CJ would most definitely be enrolled in some sort of daycare.  But, we are in Italy so he is home with me most of the day.  We read books, practice the alphabet, and exercise, but he misses out on interacting with children his age.  Fortunately, there is a program here where children, ages 3-6, can play every Friday for about an hour together.   CJ hasn't reached the age of two yet, but he was welcomed anyway.

     We are so lucky for this program.  They even give out cute little uniforms.  Cj was a bit apprehensive the first few minutes, but settled in just fine.  The next thing I know he was running and jumping like no one's business! 

    I was so happy for CJ.  He had a great time and I can't wait until next Friday! 


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