The last 48 hours in D.C.

      My last couple of days in D.C. became a blur.  I couldn't believe how busy I was!  Visiting family and friends, baking two dozen homemade cookies, learning how to make tamales, getting sick, traveling to New York, and packing to move to California!  Phew, but I am back.  I wanted to share with you my blurred 48 hours in my hometown before we made it to Bakersfield to meet up with Chris and move in to our apartment for the season.

     So let's start with my absolute favorite place to get food in D.C., Open City.  It is delicious.  I cannot get enough of their chicken sausage or grits- yummm.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.
Wheat toast, scrambled egg whites with swiss cheese & spinach, grits, chicken sausage, and pancakes.  

Did I mention their coffee is amazing and they serve it with the cutest animal crackers?

     After spoiling myself with brunch, I then labored away in the kitchen for hours with my grandmother making tamales.  My grandmother has been making tamales for my family forever.  She is eighty- so she decided to share her recipe with me.  

Slow cooked and hand shredded pork being covered with a spicy chilly sauce and set to simmer. 
Corn husks are used to wrap the pork and masa for boiling.

My beautiful Grandma making a tamale in her thirty year old handmade apron she created.    

      After making about 100 tamales, I then turned to baking over two dozen snickerdoodles from scratch!  This was around 1:30 in the morning.  I had to make cookies for Chris since he was playing in New York the next day!  When the cookies finished I proceeded to nap for a few hours, only to wake up and create these...

Shirts for CJ and his two cousins.  We had to make sure we were game ready in New York!
  Here are a few shots of the "twins"- everyone in the gym could not believe that they were just cousins!

     In all it was hectic, but worth it!  Now, we are in California getting ready for Christmas :).


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I missed you AGAIN! Love you mucho, chica...glad to see you're doing well!


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