Back to D.C. for a little

     Hi everyone!  We have had a crazy adventure in our journey to the current basketball season.  As you know, we spent the summer in Florida (Chris's off season) and now CJ and I are in D.C. until Monday!  We will finally be united again with Chris in California.  It has almost been a month since we last saw one another.
     Since I have been home I got to visit Union Market :).  It has to be one of my newest favorite places in D.C.
Delicious pork and chicken tacos from Takorean.  The Kale slaw and pickled slaw are to-die-for! 

I would be lying if I said I didn't miss France, so I got a vanilla macaroon! 
My first time trying a pork bun!- It was pretty good :)

Here are one of the many food places to eat in union market, but I definitely want to get some thick cut bacon from this butcher.

We have a busy week ahead of us filled with unpacking, repacking, and taking a trip to New York for Chris's game!  I can't wait to share with everyone!

Since my birthday is coming up my mom (she is awesome!) got me a new camera!!!! :)  I am so excited to share with you and will be sharing pictures soon!


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