Foreign Fashion

Moment Captured by Julia Rebaudo
     After living in Europe for a year, I got to experience the vibrant world of European fashion!  I must say, I feel more at home in my ankle boots, skinny jeans, oversized oxford, and hooded blazer when I trek through the town.

     During one of my jet-lagged nights, I stumbled across Stylonylon.  Her blog is amazing!!! I love her photographs and her style is incredible.

     So, I became a fan.  She recently wrote a post on a fashion brand, RIYKA.  And I fell in love all over again.  In her post, she mentions the designer admitted to being a tomboy and wanting comfortable wear.

     Uhhh Hello!  That is right up my alley!  :)

     Okay, I am finished rambling!  Here are some of my favorite pieces from Riyka…

Thanks so much for sharing the post!  Here is the link to it Stylonylon's post. Click here.  :) 


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