A mommy moment in Qatar

     Can you imagine flying at 36 weeks during your pregnancy to a country where you could possibly be delivering your first child by yourself because your husband isn't permitted in the delivery room?  I could not fathom this either, but this woman experienced it!  I am so happy to introduce you to Angela Wright and her current experience as a mommy in another country.

Meet Angela:

      Angela and her beautiful family live in Qatar where she delivered their first child, Jincy Rose.
      I know, her name makes me want to squeal too-I love it! 
      With her family unable to make it, Angela and her husband had less than four weeks to scramble and find a non-government hospital.  In Qatar, government funded hospitals separate men and women- meaning no men in the delivery room!  Luckily, they found a hospital and safely delivered their gorgeous baby girl.
     Another difference Angela noticed was the lack of carseats in cars.  Carseats do not seem to be much of a necessity, but besides the those two differences she raved about the beautiful scenery that surrounds her and the wonderful weather.  She lives five minutes from the beach- lucky lady!

I really enjoyed Angela's mommy moment and I now follow her blog, you should too!

Check back for another mommy moment!


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