A Mommy Moment in Israel

     Here is another mommy moment all the way from Israel!  Laci and her gorgeous family currently live in Rishon.  Laci is an amazing mom, wife, and an accomplished stylish business woman.

Meet Sloan!  She is five months and totally gorgeous!  Although I haven't met her, through her pictures she seems like the coolest baby ever as she poses effortlessly for her selfies! :)

I asked Laci about their life in Rishon and she happily shared with me.

     She mentioned she hadn't spent too much time around other mothers- lucky her! But, she did notice a woman nursing on the beach- high five to that woman! Laci raved about the delicious food.  She mentioned the eggplant dishes, rice, and chicken.  Also mentioning the wide range of types of food; American, Italian, Asian, etc.

     "The beaches are beautiful. Beautiful water, soft sand, clear and sunny days. We enjoyed a great lunch on the dock in Tel Aviv. Kids were flying kites, couples were riding bikes, and it was a very friendly atmosphere. I also have a deep appreciation for their religious practices and history. We had the pleasure of enjoying Shabbat dinner last week. I was able to see how Saturday night is spent here and I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to visiting the Dead Sea and Jerusalem in a few weeks. I visited Nazareth and to put my experience into words is difficult. I felt so close to God- very at peace and in awe."

     Wow, right?  I can only imagine how beautiful this place is the way she describes it.  Since Laci has lived in Turkey, Italy, Israel, and Germany I asked if she could name a few things she has added to her cooking arsenal. 

      "I find myself using more dark chocolate when baking. It's difficult to find (baking) milk chocolate so I've become used to using dark. Eggplant seems to be more of a staple, too. Adding this to stews, soups, and mixed veggie sides. I've also ditched white rice for baldo rice, a Turkish favorite. Homemade salad dressings are more common in my kitchen, too. Lemon, evoo, minced garlic, salt, and pepper make for a dressing similar to those we've had in Israel and Turkey."

     After reading Laci's responses not only was I dying to visit Israel, but I was concocting recipes in my head filled will eggplant stew and delicious homemade dressings.  She did end with something that I totally agree with!

     "I've lived in Italy, Turkey, Israel, and Germany. The one commonality between those four countries is that there is a strong sense of family and quality time infused in these cultures. Less rush. Less chaos. Deeper focus on relationships. The streets aren't filled with traffic during dinnertime (except in Turkey. Turkey has constant traffic). Instead, families are gathered around the dinner table. Also, Sabbath or Sundays are highly respected. No work. Most businesses, if not all, are closed. All of these factors play a huge part in the closeness of families. I see so many families outdoors, on playgrounds, at the beach, ect."
     Laci, thank you so much for allowing us a mini journey through the eyes of an awesome mommy in Isreal.  Visit Laci's blog, Tinkers & Potpourri and her luxury boutique, Dear Elli


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