Let's catch up!

Welcome, welcome! This is my first post on my new blog! I am the founder of my old blog, mama y chulo- which I will be shutting down soon and SOLELY blogging on this blog. I wanted to do something new and something that I could be creative with. The curly roots is meant to be a blog that has a fascinating mix of fashion, travel, food, art, & motherhood. I can't wait to share! So, let's back it up a moment and start from here... Meet Chris, my fiancé! Here is a shot from us during our pregnancy! Ahhh! We were living in Iowa/North Carolina while he played in the NBA Developmental League and I coached at High Point University- women's basketball!
Ohh how I miss my blue hair! Although, I do not miss the damage it caused to my curls-another post for another day! Here is our son, CJ! He is almost two now- time sure does fly! This picture was taken in our hometown- D.C.
Then, we moved to France! This is one of my favorite moments! We spent Valentine's day weekend in Paris! I mean, how much more romantic can you get? We visited the Louvre and had amazing crepes!
Now we are in the sunshine state, Florida! Chris trains down here, while I start my new travel agent gig, blog, and continue to be a momma! We are here until we figure out what team we are going to play with this season!
I can't wait to share more of our travels and other exciting happenings! :)


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